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1.Delivery terms

1.1 Delivery

We send our shipments by DHL 

1.2 Delivery time

Within Sweden you vill normally have your goods within 3 days. In higintense seasons the delivery can take a little bit longer. 
For deliveries to Denmark and Finland the delivery time is 3-4 working days. 
For Norway the delivery time is 3-10 working days. 

1.3 Delivery Cost

The shipmentcost are based on the actually weight on your products and are automatically calculated. The cost are presented in the checkout.


2.Right to withdraw

Distans- och hemförsäljningslagen (2005:59) (Law for Distance- and home selling) is valid in Sweden when you shop on distance and for home selling. The law is among other things containing demand on the dealer for his obligation to inform and rules for the right of the consumer to withdraw a purchase.

As a customer you have always 14 days right to withdraw according to Distans- och hemförsäljningslagen. This means that if you purchase a product via mail order, via telephone, TV-shop or Internet, your have the possibility to withdraw the purchase within 14 days. The deadline for the withdrawal is starting to count from the day you received the goods, however no earlier than when you receive your confirmation of your purchase.

You can withdraw your purchase by giving us notice or sending us a message within 14 days from the day when you as a consumer received the product.

If you use your right to withdraw the purchase and return a product to us we will reimburse the amount you paid no later than within 14 days. As a customer you are to pick up possible return freight charges and the withdrawn product is to be returned in essentially unchanged condition. The consumer is liable for the risk in connection with the return freight; this risk contains among other things the possible damage to or loss of the product.

3.Payment terms

You can pay with VISA and MasterCard without any costs. The transaction is handled via a secure connection and your card details cannot be read by any outsider. The set up we use is provided by Klarna AB.

3.1 - Invoice

You can also chose to be invoiced for your purchase. Credit information based upon your personal security number is obtained and a comparison between this and the address you are registered on is made to secure that the correct person made the order. This means that you will not be able to have your order sent to any other address than the one you are registered on. The invoicing service is handled by Klarna AB. You will find further information when you have chosen this mean of payment at the Checkout.  A fee is added at the checkout prior to you sending the order. You will be allowed 14 days to pay your invoice from the day the shipment was sent from us. 

3.2- Split the payment

You may chose to split the payment of your purchase over a period of up to 24 months when you chose the "Konto" means of payment. The account is handled by our partner, Klarna AB. When your chose to payment via "Konto", credit information is obtained and your personal security number is compared with the address where you are registered to secure that it is the correct person that made the order. This means that you will not be able to have your order sent to any other address than the one you are registered on. The terms and the costs are available at the Checkout prior to you sending your order. Only available in Sweden.

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