The product has been added to your cart is a part of Hälsinge Trä & Miljö, and the story of our pizza peels begins on a simple inn evening in Iggesund in the late 1980s, where our founder, Lennart Rosén, was asked to solve a problem. The pizza bakers at the inn were struggling to handle their delicate pizzas in and out of the oven with the tools they had, and Lennart took on the mission to design the perfect solution. With precision and passion, he began exploring materials and shapes to create the optimal pizza peel. After several attempts, the first peel was born, not only solving the problem but also preserving the authentic shape of the pizza.

What started as a simple problem-solving quickly evolved into something bigger when Lennart realized the potential of his creations. He introduced his peels to reputable restaurant wholesalers, and it was an immediate success. From the Nordic countries, our pizza peels spread worldwide, from Russia to Saudi Arabia and all the way to Italy, the homeland of pizza itself.

Thus, Hälsinge Trä & Miljö was founded, where each pizza peel is crafted with precision and expertise. We use only environmentally approved mahogany and high-quality aluminum to ensure that each pizza peel is outstanding in quality and performance.

Our product line includes a dozen different peel models, tailored to various needs in pizzerias around the world. We understand that each pizzeria may be unique, and we are open to creating customized solutions for our customers.

At Hälsinge Trä & Miljö, our work is more than just a job – it is a passion. Working with wood is not just a career for us; it is a lifestyle.

We take pride in manufacturing world-renowned pizza peels used by pizza makers around the globe. Our history is a story of passion, quality, and simplicity. And when you use one of our pizza peels to create or enjoy your favorite pizza, you are sharing our story of flavorful adventures that begin in Hudiksvall and reach out to every corner of the world. Thank you for choosing Hälsinge Trä & Miljö for your pizza baking!